Why Did Voldemort Only Make 6 Horcruxes?

Why did Voldemort not make more Horcruxes?

Voldemort could not get another Horcrux because he did not know he had seven in the first place.

When he tried to kill Harry, the spell rebounded and killed him instead.

If anybody else had tried to kill Harry in the last book, the real Harry would have died and not Voldemort’s soul inside him..

Did Hermione know Harry was a Horcrux?

Voldemort himself didn’t realize that Harry was a Horcrux either. Harry only figured it out based on Snape’s memories, so then he was able to be killed by Voldemort, yet still come back to life. … Hermione wouldn’t have figured it out until after Voldemort was defeated, and Harry told her and Ron the whole tale.

Why does Ron say only 3 to go?

Therefor Ron says “only 3 to go” referring to the cup, the diadem and the snake (Out of which they knew about the snake only for sure) .

How did Dumbledore know there were 7 Horcruxes?

Dumbledore knows this is because Nagini and LV share a link similar to Harry and LV. 4/7 down. The diary was the kick-off point. The Riddle contained memories of 16-yr-old Voldemort and his mission (which is why this Horcrux was so specific in its goals to open the Chamber).

Why didn’t Voldemort check if Harry was dead?

Voldemort wanted to believe Harry was dead, so he had no need to question Narcissa, because she said what he wanted to hear. Also he had no reason to suspect her of being disloyal. … Secondly he was afraid that he had again failed to kill Harry, hence he did not check himself whether harry was dead or not.

Why did Voldemort only make 7 Horcruxes?

Believing that the number seven is the most powerful number when it comes to magic, Voldemort intended to split his soul into seven pieces, with six Horcruxes housing one fragment each and his body containing the seventh.

Why did Harry think there were only 6 Horcruxes?

He wanted to split his soul into 7, so he planned on making 6 Horcruxes. 6 bits of his soul in objects plus one bit of soul in his body = 7 pieces total. To his mind he had 5 already when he went to kill Harry, (1) the diary, (2) the ring, (3) the cup, (4) the locket, (5) the diadem.

What were the 6 Horcruxes?

Lord Voldemort’s had only seven Horcruxes:Tom Riddle’s diary. … Marvolo Gaunt’s Ring. … Salazar Slytherin’s Locket. … Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup. … Rowena Ravenclaw’s Diadem. … Harry Potter (unknown to Voldemort until after he had destroyed it). … Nagini the Snake.

Why didn’t Voldemort kill Harry?

Voldemort was not able to kill Harry because Harry was the true master of the Elder Wand. So, therefore, Harry survived. Instead, Voldemort unknowingly made himself more vulnerable by trying to kill Harry since instead, he destroyed the Horcrux inside Harry.