Who Is The Owner Of Mission Towing?

What happened to Mission Towing?

In early August, a major fire destroyed most of the Mission Autobody and Towing building.

The company, which has been in business locally for 61 years, is still open for business, but for now only the towing division is operational.

“Since the fire happened, we’ve slowed down..

Who is Jamie Davis brother?

Jason Davis​JASON. Jason Davis is Jamie’s younger brother and father to Jasmin and Tia, who both work for the family business, Aggressive Towing.

How old is Jamie Davis?

39 years (April 18, 1981)Jamie Davis/Age

What happened Adam Gazzola?

Adam Gazzola was Jamie’s right-hand man, as well as a fan favorite on the show. However, Adam dramatically quit the show, with the reason never really discussed.

How much does it cost to tow a big rig?

Heavy TowingLocal and long distance towing$160Per hourMove a vehicle in a bay$100Per move inAdditional labour required$125Per hourAll after hours charge$300Minimum

Who owns Mission Towing in BC?

Ambrose Duperon Sr.Mission Towing has been helping out local residents with their vehicles and providing emergency roadside assistance for a staggering 63 years. The definition of a family run business, Ambrose Duperon Sr.

Who owns aggressive towing?

Jason DavisJason Davis, the owner of Aggressive Towing, said “this is a trend.

Why did Jordie leave Mission Towing?

Jordie Duperon, the company’s operating manager, told the Mission Record their TV debut couldn’t have come at a better time. Less than two months ago, a fire caused extensive damage to the Mission Autobody and Towing building, leaving only the towing division operational.

Did Ken duperon survive heart attack?

After surviving a near-fatal heart attack, Ken leads the Mission crew on its most daunting recovery in years. Lodged in the trees, 200 feet below a mountain road, a damaged dump truck pushes Ken’s team to the edge of disaster.

How old is Al Quiring?

51Al Quiring — a 51-year-old towing and heavy-duty recovery specialist, is a grandson who walks in the footsteps of Elmer and Ann — who first founded the family business in 1962.

Is Ken from Mission Towing still alive?

Highway Thru Hell has confirmed Ken Monkhouse, a Hope tow truck driver who found many fans on the show, has died. “He was a wonderful and compassionate man, with a great sense of humour. We’ll miss his spirit and his big heart. … Jamie Davis Towing confirmed Monkhouse passed away the night of May 24 of a heart attack.

How much does a 50 ton rotator wrecker cost?

The Rotator is the biggest, baddest wrecker made in America, the madam mother of happy hookers. Yates’s version cost $259,000, and the truck beneath it (a long-nose Peterbilt 379) cost $150,000-for a total of $409,000.