Who Formed The Public Service Commission?

Who appoints Joint Public Service Commission?

President(1) The Chairman and other Members of a Public Service Commission shall be appointed, in the case of the Union Commission or a Joint Commission, by the President, and in the case of a State Commission, by the Governor of the State:Provided that as nearly as may be one half of the Members of every Public Service ….

How many PSC are there in India?

PSC 2020-21 – State Public Service Commission (PSC) Exams In IndiaPublic Service Commission (PSC)PSCPSC ExamKarnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC)KAS ExamKerala Public Service Commission (KPSC)Kerala KAS ExamUttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC)PCS Exam9 more rows

Who established Public Service Commission?

Subsequent to the provisions of Section 96(C) of the Government of India Act, 1919 and the strong recommendations made by the Lee Commission in 1924 for the early establishment of a Public Service Commission, it was on October 1, 1926 that the Public Service Commission was set up in India for the first time.

Is there any Joint Public Service Commission in India?

The Government of India Act of 1935 provided for the establishment of not only a Federal Public Service Commission but also a Provincial Public Service Commission and Joint Public Service Commission for two or more provinces.

How UPSC members are appointed?

Appointment. As per Art. 316, the Chairman and other members of Union Public Service Commission shall be appointed by the President. In case the office of the Chairman becomes vacant his duties shall be performed by one of the other members of the Commission as the President may appoint for the purpose.

Is PSC exam tough?

State PSC is tough as it has much politics influence, while UPSC is fair & fine. Conducted by experts. PSC papers are set even by Lay-man.

Who appoints Kerala PSC Chairman?

GovernorThe Chairman and Members of the Commission are appointed by the Governor of the State. The composition of the Commission is such that as nearly as one half of the members of it shall be persons who on the date of their appointment have at least 10 years of service under the Government.

Which state PSC is easiest?

Short answer…1: Rpsc(Rajasthan public service commission for Rajasthan civil services)2: hpsc(Haryana public service commission for Haryana civil services)😌These both have less number of papers and easy in that way. U may check further details about both of these…Thnx… all the best! 👍👍

How many members are there in UPSC?

ten membersAs of now, UPSC comprises a chairman and ten members. The President of India appoints the UPSC Chairman and other members. Each member holds office for a tenure of 6 years or till he becomes the age of 65 years.

Who is chairman of UPSC?

Pradeep Kumar JoshiUnion Public Service Commission/Chairpersons

What is the work of UPSC?

The UPSC is the central recruiting agency. … It conducts the examination and sends its recommendation to the government for the recruitment of the personnel for all-India services and central services in group A and group B. The role of the UPSC is advisory in nature and not binding on the government.

What is the official site of UPSC?

www.upsc.nic.inCandidates who have qualified in the UPSC IFS Preliminary exam can fill UPSC DAF form 2020 from the official website – www.upsc.nic.in.

Who is the first chairman of UPSC?

Sir Ross Barker(vide Chapter 2)S. No.NameDate when took over charge1.Sir Ross BarkerOctober, 19262.Sir David PetrieAugust, 19323.Sir Eyre Gorden19374.Sir F.W. Robertson194217 more rows

Is PCS easier than IAS?

PCS is very easy when compared to IAS.

Is state PCS easier than Upsc?

Conclusion. Whether it is about the designation, pride, salary, and growth, IAS is far better than that of PCS. However, in both cases, you are serving your nation. Most candidates adopt the strategy to prepare IAS and PCS both because of the ratio of clearing UPSC exams which is very less.