Quick Answer: Why Did Annie Change Her Name?

What is Annie LeBlanc real name?

Julianna Grace LeBlancJules LeBlanc/Full name.

Does Annie LeBlanc have cancer?

Annie LeBlanc, 41, was diagnosed with bladder cancer three years ago after she found blood in her urine. “For me it was just when I exercised — whenever I did physical activity, I would have some blood in my urine. I also had issues urinating, and that was a red flag,” she said.

Why did Asher and Annie break up?

It’s over, you guys. After over a year together Asher Angel and Annie LeBlanc have called it quits. … But when Annie caught wind of his message, she decided to set the record straight once and for all about what really went wrong between them. “This is just a normal teenage breakup and it happens all the time.

Why did Annie go Jules?

My real name is Julianna, so I’m starting to go by Jules. “I changed my TikTok, and surprisingly, a lot of people liked it, and I was not ready for it. … I’m going to keep my Annie LeBlanc, because not everybody who knows who I am just automatically will know that I’m going by Jules.”

Who is Annie LeBlanc dating right now 2020?

AsherAnnie has received over 15.4 million followers and 22 million likes on TikTok (as per March 12, 2020). She joined TikTok on September 17, 2019. She has posted some videos with her boyfriend Asher also.

Has Annie LeBlanc changed her name?

The 15-year-old Side Hustle star has changed her name to Jules, which is another nickname. If you didn’t know, her full, real name is Julianna Grace LeBlanc, and she’s been going by Annie up until now.