Quick Answer: What Is Value Of Biodiversity?

What is the value of biodiversity to humans?

Health is therefore one of the most important indicators of sustainable development.

Biodiversity is the foundation for human health.

By securing the life-sustaining goods and services which biodiversity provides to us, the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity can provide significant benefits to our health..

What are the three values of biodiversity?

Environmental Value: The environmental value of biodiversity can be found by examining each ecosystem process and identifying the ecosystem services that result. … Social Value: … Ecosystem Services: … Economic Value: … Consumptive use value: … Productive Use Value: … Ethical and Moral Value: … Aesthetic Value:

What are 5 benefits of biodiversity?

The Importance of BiodiversityIncrease ecosystem productivity; each species in an ecosystem has a specific niche—a role to play.Support a larger number of plant species and, therefore, a greater variety of crops.Protect freshwater resources.Promote soils formation and protection.Provide for nutrient storage and recycling.More items…

Is biodiversity a good or bad thing?

The data showed biodiversity have both a positive and negative impact on ecosystem stability. … Scientists identified a strong correlation between biodiversity and stable biomass production. The greater the number of species in a vial, the less biomass production fluctuated.

What are the four major components of biodiversity?

Terms in this set (12)Four Major Components of Biodiversity. Ecological, organismic, genetic and cultural diversity.Biodiversity. The diversity of life forms in an environment.Species. … Biome. … Ecological Niche. … Specialist Species. … Generalist Species. … Native Species.More items…