Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Verge?

What does verge mean?

1a : brink, threshold a country on the verge of destruction— Archibald MacLeish.

b : something that borders, limits, or bounds: such as.

(1) : an outer margin of an object or structural part.

(2) : the edge of roof covering (such as tiling) projecting over the gable of a roof..

What is another way to say cutting edge?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for cutting-edge, like: up-to-date, with-it, vanguard, knife-edge, forefront, prodikeys, internet-x94, leading edge, , innovative and state-of-the-art.

What is the opposite of exhausted?

Antonyms: unexpended, unspent, unexhausted, undrained, remaining, left(p), unconsumed, rested, odd, left over(p), leftover. exhausted, spent(adj) depleted of energy, force, or strength.

What is another word for cutting?

What is another word for cutting?sharpsharpenedknife-edgedknife-likeprongedacuatekeen-edgedrazor-likecuspidatenarrow39 more rows

Where is the verge located?

The Verge was launched by Tyler Bleszinski and Joshua Topolsky in 2011 and is operated from Washington, District of Columbia.

What is the meaning of verge of extinction?

verge of extinction means a very few is left of that species. the organisms of that species are already endangered and are soon going to be extinct.

What is the opposite of dabbling?

dabble. Antonyms: study, elaborate, investigate, delve, dig, fathom, gauge.

What is a synonym for Verge?

SYNONYMS. edge, border, margin, side, brink, rim, lip, limit, boundary, outskirts, perimeter, periphery, borderline, frontier. end, extremity, termination. fringes, bounds, limits, confines. literary bourn, marge, skirt.

How do you use Verge in a sentence?

Verge sentence examplesShe was on the verge of crying again. … “I have to tell him everything!” she said on the verge of panic. … Our clans are still on the verge of war. … Was he on the verge of divulging his troubles?More items…

What is the opposite of Verge?

Antonyms of VERGE estate, leave, center, let go, middle, region, territory, inside, interior, retreat, land, citadel.

What does on the cutting edge mean?

To be ‘at the cutting edge’ means to be at the forefront, where new developments are taking place. “The research comes from a company at the cutting edge of space science.”

Is a verge part of the highway?

Lanes and rural roads often have wide grass verges but these are as much part of the highway as the Tarmac. However, the interest of the highway authority is not usually the freehold but merely the surface and a sufficient depth to allow maintenance and control of obstruction.

What does being on the verge mean?

: at the point when (something) is about to happen or is very likely to happen The company was on the verge of going bankrupt.

Is cutting edge one word?

language note: The spelling cutting-edge is used for meaning [sense 2].

What is the opposite of malicious?

harmless, benign, amiable, useful, affable, liking, tender, tenderhearted, amorous, thoughtful, friendly, likeable, pleasant, Aiding, agreeable, kind, affectionate, loving, forgiving, genial, sweet, good-hearted, cordial, warm, altruistic, Assisting, noble, kindhearted, benevolent, helpful, warmhearted, humane, …