Quick Answer: How Can You Tell The Difference Between God’S Voice And God’S Own?

Does God still speak to us today?

Malachi 3:6 (NKJV) affirms, “For I am the Lord, I do not change.” That means if God saved in Bible times, He still saves today.

If He healed then, He still heals now.

Audible Voice: Though seemingly rare, God has and still can speak audibly.

Adam and Eve heard God’s voice in the Garden of Eden (Gen..

How can I talk to God and hear him?

To talk to God, open up your heart. You need to listen for a response. If you aren’t listening, you won’t hear him. Trust that what he tells you is the best thing for you.

What does God say about hearing his voice?

As a follower of Christ, the Holy Spirit is always speaking to you. The fact that you want to hear from God is an urging of the Holy Spirit. If you don’t hear God, follow Him and you will find your way to His voice. My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.

Why is it important to hear God’s voice?

GOD’S WORD WILL ALWAYS REVEAL GOD’S HEART Just like hearing the voice of our natural father, hearing the voice of our Heavenly Father should be the most natural thing for us as believers.

How do you know it’s God’s voice?

The best way to discern God’s voice from your own is to practice stepping out and acting on his voice when you think it’s Him. As you take those steps of faith, He helps you sort out and recognize his voice through a process of learning.

How can I hear God’s voice and understand it?

God speaks to us in many ways. Through circumstances of life, through the issues of the heart, through His Holy Spirit, and through His word. When we understand how the inward voice of God works it is easier to understand His will. When we understand His will we can have a more fulfilling relationship with Him.

Is there a difference between reading the Bible and hearing the voice of God?

I notice four main differences between when I simply read the words in my bible and when I actively listen for his voice during my bible reading: God applies the underlying truth I read to a specific situation in my life. God uses our conversation to give me next steps or a vision for my future.

How do you know if God is trying to tell you something?

For example, if God is trying to tell you that you are in the wrong relationship and he wants you to move on, he could show you relevant bible verses, put this conviction on your heart, highlight problems in the relationship, your friends might all of a sudden start sharing their concerns, and every book you read or …