Question: What Is Another Word For House Work?

How do you spell house work?

Meaning of housework in English.

the work of keeping a house clean and tidy: I hate doing housework..

What is another name for a cleaning lady?

janitor, Sadie, lady-in-waiting, custodian.

What do you call a person who cleans hotel rooms?

housekeeper. noun. someone whose job is to clean the rooms in a hotel or to manage the staff who do this.

What does domicile mean in English?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a dwelling place : place of residence : home. 2 law. a : a person’s fixed, permanent, and principal home for legal purposes Report your change of domicile.

What is a fancy word for clean?

Free from dirt, marks, or stains. spotless. cleansed. cleaned. scrubbed.

How do you describe a nice house?

You can use the following adjectives to describe your home:Big.Beautiful.Comfortable.Cosy.Huge.Small.Homely.

What is the definition of a bungalow?

A bungalow is a style of house or cottage that is typically either a single story or has a second, half or partial story, that is built into a sloped roof. Bungalows are typically small in terms of size and square footage and often are distinguished by the presence of dormer windows and verandas.

Do chores synonym?

choresKP.assignment.burden.devoir.duty.effort.errand.grind.More items…

What is house work called?

Similar words for housework: chore (noun) cleaning, maintaining a home (noun) housekeeping (noun) cleaning (verb)

What is a another word for home?

abode. (Formal) A residence, dwelling or habitation.

What is another word for house cleaning?

What is another word for housecleaning?cleaningtidyingsweepingvacuumingimprovingmoppingprimpingshaking outsmartening upspiffing up7 more rows

Is house work one word?

noun. the work of cleaning, cooking, etc., to be done in housekeeping.

What does housework mean?

English Language Learners Definition of housework : work (such as cleaning, cooking, or laundry) that is done to keep a house clean and running properly.