Question: Is Distasteful A Real Word?

What is a synonym for genuine?


sincere, honest, truthful, unhypocritical, meaning what one says, straightforward, direct, frank, candid, open.

artless, natural, unaffected, guileless, ingenuous.

informal straight, upfront, on the level..

What is another word for distasteful?


What does repulsive mean?

1 : serving or able to repulse repulsive force. 2 : tending to repel or reject : cold, forbidding. 3 : arousing aversion or disgust repulsive crimes.

What is a pretentious person called?

Noun. An intellectually pretentious person. pseud.

What is the meaning of not genuine?

Adjective. Not genuine or real. spurious. false.

Is dis genuine a word?

adjective. lacking in frankness, candor, or sincerity; falsely or hypocritically ingenuous; insincere: Her excuse was rather disingenuous.

How do you use distasteful in a sentence?

Distasteful sentence examplesKiera grimaced at the distasteful wording. … The tariff was to him a distasteful subject, and he was governed in his attitude toward it largely by the wishes of the majority of his constituents. … These views were very distasteful to many, who, moreover, felt.More items…

Is tirelessly a real word?

adjective. untiring; indefatigable: a tireless worker.

What are four synonyms for fake?

other words forbogus.counterfeit.fictitious.forged.fraudulent.mock.phony.spurious.

What’s the definition of distasteful?

1a : objectionable because offensive to one’s personal taste : unpleasant, disagreeable found the job distasteful a shady, distasteful character. b : objectionable because in poor taste, inappropriate, or unethical a harmless stroking … but it seems oddly distasteful in retrospect— Richard Sandza et al.

What is another word for not genuine?

DisingenuousDisingenuous is just the opposite of genuine. This word is derived from the word “Genuine”, which means true and real. Disingenuous is just the opposite of genuine.

What is the meaning of introspect?

a reflective looking inward: a reflective looking inward : an examination of one’s own thoughts and feelings.