Question: Can Mjoll Become A Vampire?

Can I turn Lydia into a vampire?


She isn’t a werewolf, so she can become a vampire.

Just complete the Companions quest line to marry her.

Although there are two vampire children in the game, you can’t turn yours into vampires without mods..

How can I become a vampire?

Joining[edit] Joining the Volkihar vampires requires you to first complete the quest Awakening. After completing the quest, Bloodline will begin. After escorting Serana to Volkihar Keep, Lord Harkon will offer you membership within the clan and the ability to become a Vampire Lord.

Can I marry serana?

Check out Nexus’s Skyrim mod install guide for more detailed instructions. When the mod is installed, you should be able to marry Serana. … That is, talk to Maramal at the Temple of Mara in Riften, inquire about marriage, and then purchase the Amulet of Mara from him.

Should I turn my wife into a vampire in Skyrim?

Turning a spouse into a vampire does not have any explicit benefits other than what you stated. Most of the time the only difference is that their eyes change color and that’s glitchy sometimes. It’s not as great as you would think because nothing really changes besides they’re eyes.

Can you become a vampire lord if you are already a vampire?

If your character has Vampirism you can still become a Vampire Lord , there will just be different dialogue. But yes , once you’re a Vampire Lord that will count as your race , where as Vampirism will just count as the disease Sanguinare Vampiris.

Is vampirism worth it Skyrim?

if you have dawnguard its worth it for the vampire lord at least if its just the plain game not really. … Vampire lord form gives you really powerful attacks like blood magic, summoning a gargoyle, vampiric grip, and a power attack that completely drains someone’s health while refilling your own if you have the perk.

Can you marry Karita Skyrim?

If you visit Dawnstar, and pop into the Windpeak Inn you will meet Karita. Even if you become the Thane of Dawnstar, and even if you help Karita’s father with his pointless chores, it won’t work. … You can’t marry Karita!

Will serana cure her vampirism?

If you side with the Dawnguard, you can convince Serana to cure her vampirism after her father’s death. … Once you have defeated Harkon and left Volkihar Cathedral, if you are not a vampire yourself †, you can ask Serana if she’s ever considered being cured.

Is Vampire Lord or werewolf better?

They’re both great in their own ways, but I would definitely say Vampire Lord especially if you run into a dragon. Also, Vampire Lord is a bit more fun with the abilities such as suspending enemies in the air and throwing them to their deaths by fall damage. Werewolf if you want a power that has little to no drawbacks.

Can you cure serana if you sided with the vampires?

User Info: Ziterenkoy. You can get Serana cured, but it’s a pain in the butt for almost no reward (She keeps many of her vampiric powers like the drain spell and vampire seduction). You have to talk to her a certain way during the quests. If you don’t, you can’t get her to cure herself.

Is it better to side with the Dawnguard or vampires?

Vampire Hunter (Dawnguard) Overall, the physical rewards (weapons, etc) are better if you choose Dawnguard. However, you cannot regularly use the powerful Vampire Lord form until after you’ve completed the main questline, or else the Dawnguard members will not accept you.

Will the Dawnguard attack me if I become a vampire?

No, they will no not attack you. I sided with the Dawnguard and became a vampire lord after finishing their main quest. … Get cured if you need to buy crossbow bolts, get more radiant quests or use other services that the npc’s provide.

Can you cure vampire lord?

Originally Answered: Can you cure yourself of being a vampire lord in Skyrim? Yes. There are two ways: a quest given by innkeepers that leads you to Morthal’s mage, or by making yourself a werewolf.

Can you marry AELA the Huntress without being a werewolf?

Before you can marry Aela the Huntress, you need to join The Companions guild and become a werewolf yourself. Learn how to join The Companions here with our quick and easy guide. When you’re officially a Companion and a lycanthrope, move on to the Blood’s Honor quest.

What happens if you don’t become a vampire?

If you refuse the vampire option, you remain with the Dawnguard side. … At a certain point in the Dawnguard side, you have the option to become one (can’t continue their quests past that though).