How Do I Access HDB Hub?

How do I view my HDB invitation?

All applicants who are invited to attend a flat selection appointment will be notified to visit My HDBPage at to view the invitation package.

You will need to login to My HDBPage using your SingPass..

How do I contact HDB?

ErrorGeneral Line – 6490 1111.Sales/Resale Customer Service Line – 1800 866 3066.HDB Loan – 1800 866 3066. Please key in office number.SERS Enquiry Line – 1800 866 3070.Rental Housing Line – 1800 225 5432.HDB Branch Service Line – 1800 225 5432.Commercial Properties Line – 1800 866 3073.Car Park Line – 1800 225 5432.More items…

Who is the CEO of HDB?

Rishi ShuklaRishi Shukla – Chief Executive Officer – HDB Financial Services Ltd. LinkedIn.

Can I own 2 HDB?

Yes, you can. For resale flats, HDB has a Conversion Scheme whereby eligible buyers/owners can apply to join up two existing flats on either of these two conditions: 1. You currently own a three-room HDB flat (or smaller) and want to buy an adjoining three-room or smaller resale flat.

Does Singapore have slums?

Singapore used to be full of squatter, slums and makeshift houses. … The population of SIngapore was 1.6 million of which 1.3 million lived in squatters, not counting the thousands who stayed in slums and old buildings like shophouses.

Can I have 2 HDB season parking?

Tier 1 season parking rate will apply to a resident’s first car of the household. Resident must be the registered flat owner/ occupier/ tenant living in the HDB precinct served by the car park. Tier 2 season parking rate will apply to the residents’ subsequent cars and all cars of non-residents.

Can tourists stay HDB?

Non-citizen legally residing in Singapore who holds an Employment Pass, S Pass, Work Permit, Student Pass, Dependant Pass, or Long-Term Social Visit Pass. The pass must have a validity period of at least 6 months as at the date of application by the flat owners: … Tourists are not allowed to rent any HDB flat/ bedroom.

What is HDB Hub?

We develop public housing to provide Singaporeans with affordable, quality homes, and a better living environment. Focusing on nurturing a strong family and community spirit, public housing policies and schemes are formulated to meet changing needs and aspirations.

How do I register a tenant in HDB?

You must seek HDB’s approval through My HDBPage or Mobile@HDB, before the commencement of the tenancy. You also need to provide your tenants’ particulars and other related details at the time of registration. An administrative fee of $10 for each bedroom is payable upon approval.

What does HDB mean?

HDBAcronymDefinitionHDBHousing Development Board (Singapore government agency)HDBHistorical Data BaseHDBHigh Density BinaryHDBHandling Data Base23 more rows

Is HDB under government?

The Housing & Development Board (HDB) is Singapore’s public housing authority and a statutory board under the Ministry of National Development. We develop public housing to provide Singaporeans with affordable, quality homes, and a better living environment.

How can I check my HDB status?

My HDBPage is a personalised portal where you can view your transactions, correspondence, and details with HDB at a glance. For example, you can check the status of your flat and Housing Loan Eligibility (HLE) letter application. You need your SingPass to log in to My HDBPage.

Who invented HDB?

Lim Kim SanLed by Lim Kim San, the HDB made first priority during formation to build as many low-cost housing units as possible and introduced the Five-Year Plan. The housing that was initially built was mostly meant for rental.

Will HDB prices drop in 2020?

This chart from OrangeTee & Tie shows that the resale prices for HDB flats is projected to decline 1-3% in 2020. At the same time, the number of resale transactions could dip to 21,000 to 22,000, from 23,714 in 2019.

Can my friend stay in my HDB flat?

If you are renting a HDB flat/room to a friend or relative who is a Singaporean, you need to ensure that they do not currently own other HDB properties as well, unless they are divorced or rent out their property within one month of renting a flat/bedroom from you.