Can A Civilian Buy A Police Car?

Is it illegal to drive an old police car?

CHP: It’s illegal to drive a retired cop car that still resembles a law enforcement vehicle.


“The driver commented to the officer that other drivers would hit their brakes because they thought it was A police vehicle,” stated the agency..

How much does the average police car cost?

That price includes a base cost of $25,000 per vehicle, plus $5,000 for a specialized police package that includes protective screens and mounts for laptops.

Can a civilian buy a Ford Police Interceptor?

Also, all Police Interceptors come standard with 4WD, which is optional on civilian versions. … Topping both the police and civilian engine lineups is a 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 putting out a rousing 400 horsepower, but the sporty ST is the only civilian model to get it (the Platinum has to make do with a 365-hp version).

Can you buy ex police cars?

According to Finney, many customers buy ex-police cars for peace of mind. “Most cars have had one owner and come with a full history,” she says. “There are no concerns on finance, yet you still make big savings.”

Why do police take their cars home?

The visibility of police vehicles parked in neighborhoods can reduce crime. Additionally, taking home the car increases the time officers can spend on patrol. “What the public sees as an assigned take-home car is the officer not unloading and reloading equipment, which takes time away from patrolling.

Can a civilian own a police car?

There seems to be a common misconception that to own a police vehicle you have to be in law enforcement. But this is not the case. State and city auctions are filled up with out-of-service vehicles that need a new home.

Is it good to buy used police cars?

They can be amazingly comfortable and fun to drive, thanks to the heavy-duty “police package” that makes them powerful enough for a high-speed chase. Plus, they’re cheap to maintain and durable as hell. That being said, some ex-cop cars are used, abused, and worth more in pieces than whole.

Is it illegal to have a car that looks like a cop car?

The short answer is to this question is no. In most provinces and states, it is illegal to impersonate a police officer – with this including impersonating the patrol cars they drive.

Do Dodge Chargers get pulled over?

There are some cars that just attract the cops, and the Dodge Charger is simply one of them.

Are Police Interceptors fast?

The Ford Police Interceptor Utility is both the fastest-accelerating and overall fastest police car in America. The SUV sprints up to 150 mph and lunges from 0 to 60 mph in as little as 5.77 seconds.

How long do police cars last?

Today’s Vehicles Are More Durable He said with just a few service routine changes, a vehicle can maintain its productivity to 200,000 miles. The San Diego Police Department drives fleet vehicles well past the 100,000-mile level, not out of choice but necessity, said Police Fleet Administrator John Alley.